Woke up with this beautiful view looking at the famous Tindari after panicking on our arrival… All good campsites were closed. Finally we found Camping Marinello in Olivere and Giovanni the owner could not be most hospitable and helpful …we knew we were in Sicily!

The crossing from Reggio de Calabria to Messina was just 20 mins but the price? Over 200 EUROS which is a rip off comparing with Channel Cross. However this is south of Italy and we have been told to double check prices all the time as they change also all the time…


The roads from Naples to Calabria could be described as Just dreadful full of pot holes… But here in SICILIA they are quite good and the drivers much more relaxed! This is Sicily… Relax and enjoy the sea, sun and the friendly people… Mangiare benne.

So far we have been in Milazzo were our friends live, Oliveri, where we already went to a nice Party last night with our Italo- Brazilian friends ( a group of 7 all together). It was great to see families with children dancing celebrating carnival with Confetti and Serpentina. A little girl danced around us full of joy! Wonderful welcome to Sicily Party!
Now we can start to taste the real joys and famous hospitality of Sicily. Our friends Rosely, Giovanni Jane , Renan, Gio and Shirley made our night!

Our friends Rosely & Giovanni. We met in Norfolk 10 yrs ago and she is the reason we are in Sicily … Her passion for her home town of Milazzo where the couple lives!


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2 Responses to IN SICILY, La BELLA ITALIA!

  1. poetjude says:

    What fun! So glad you are doing this. Unbelievable eye opening way to live.

    • Gooda-TREK says:

      Thank you Jude! We are pleasantly surprised to find a campsite open this time of the year! This is the best of culture mix pot! Lots of love to you from Martin and I

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