Room with a view … TAORMINA


Woke up with this gorgeous views to the blue sea, Isole Bela and Giardini Nexus from my room.

The hotel Bel Soggiorno has amazing views free Parking ( this is very important in Hill Town of Taormina trust me).
The staff really friendly! Yesterday the town has the carnival tonight I have been invited to a Serenata.

I am surprised the hotel is full this time of the year! The weather is great!

I was getting ready to visit the famous Savoca where the God Father was filmed when the nice waiter offered to take a picture.

Looking at gorgeous Giardini a holiday village of times of Gregos.

The shops of Taormina are just a joy to window shopping and buy souvenirs.

You need to take time to stroll around the Viccolos discovering the most amazing scenery!

I have to go now… The sun is shining and there is too much to see and share with you guys. I just wish Mr. Gooda was here but … Alone again I am.

We are Enjoying the fresh Air in the sunny Terrazze of Hotel Bel Soggiorno before saying goodbye!


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1 Response to Room with a view … TAORMINA

  1. Danielle Cornot says:

    Dear Lukie,

    always a pleasure to receive your words and wonderful pictures, makes me travel!!
    I don’t know where you will be in April but I will be in Pollenzo, Piemonte, for four days,
    with the Slow Food Institute. will be studying at the University of Gastronomic Sciences
    and visiting food and wine producers. 4 countries are participating in this study trip,
    Poland, the Netherlands, Italy and France.
    I am looking forward to being in beautiful Italy again soon!
    lots of love and many thanks for communicating your humor, interest in people and places
    and enjoyment of life, I miss you very, very much!
    Maria, your favorite hairdresser in Toulouse, says hello!!
    Please come back to Toulouse soon!

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