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Not Just another amazing experience in these hidden paradise hill towns of Sicily. If you, like me, watched the Godfather II you must have dreamed of been there too. Have you ever wished to visit the charming, little bar where Vito Corleone's daughter wedding took place?

Have you ever dreamt to discover the real, unspoilt Sicily? This is for sure one of the most exciting experience you might have while visiting this amazing island of a difference, Sicily.

Here you will visit the popular Bar Vitelli and the main Church of Savoca dedicated to S. Lucia, the location of the wedding secene between Apollonia and Michael Corleone( al Pacino).

Now what we were amazed is that when we found a beautiful spot and saw a man coming down toward us … He spoke perfect English and his name was Vittorio!

Vittorio makes this place even better. He was such a charmer and started to show us around a part of the village that he transformed in BORGOSAN ROCCO!

The hotel has 25 rooms with gorgeous views to the mountains and sea. You can experience how life is all about in this amazing hill town of Savoca. meeting
Francesco, he showed us secret places like a rock tunnel that takes you to a very elegant marble decorated hall with beautiful and elegant furnishings suitable to weddings and other family events while you also easily hide away and just relax sipping a local glass of wine ( in my case glass of Prossecco) and just loose yourself day dreaming!






Here Francesco is showing me the Godfather’s room and I can’t help but start to imagine and feel like what might be to stay in that room with a magnifique view to die for! How must be to have breakfast looking at that blue sea… Oh well, somewhere special!The picture don’t do justice how beautiful this place is. Francesco and his father wants their guests to experience the wonders of living in this tranquil and spectacular hill town of Savoca offering all the Comfort of modern living at its best! We are invited to come back to a Party where all the village dress in white and bring their own food and celebrate La Dolce Vita together… Do I need to say anymore?



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