Meet my cousin Bebeta and our friend Claudia


My cousin Bebeta has TRAVELLED The WORLD in STYLE!
Her passion for life has made her such a great company that you would not want to miss being around her! We did have dreams of travelling together since I can not remember! We used to day dream about our travellings … We made them come true so many times …we enjoy more and more as time goes by. Now that her friend Claudia arrived we are all Giggles and Glamour under the Sun of Sicily!
in gorgeous Giardini’s Turquoise Sea with Bebeta Miler and Claudia Rebello

We had so much fun in Catania, discovering new places and revisiting Taormina , Castelmola , Isola Bela and Giardini Nexus








We were out and about

20140317-223921.jpgwaking up with the Sun to make the most of our travels and time together … We have been everywhere and Bebeta did most of the driving through out the curves and Hill Towns… She has such a good sense of direction … Thanks to her we travelled all the East Coast of Sicily … We ended up our travels going to Siracusa and had the best taste of Sicily Cuisine in a Nice and charming Restaurant with an Italian owner that loves Brazil… He treated us like Stars!!! We tasted the best wines and local dishes … We had so much fun!
I have to write about that Restaurant in another post with choices of menu so you guys know what you missed!
For now more pictures os Siracusa where we had a great Sunday walking along with the people enjoying its scenery and Making the most of it!




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