Falling in LOVE with SICILY

I nearly bought this sign to stick in our motorhome to cover up the scratches when crazy drivers in crazy Vicolos left a Mark ….

I thing its official …and everyone wants to know why??
Its not that Simple to explain but from the beggining i said this trip is not just about PLACES… ITS ABOUT PEOPLE TOO.
I guess right there its the answer I was looking for… The people of Sicily!!!

They are so like the people from where I come from in Brazil…
I can’t help it but saying this … It makes me realize how much I miss the warmth of people in Brazil while I have being here. Even the English , the Germans, the French, the Danish etc become more relaxed and friendly. I think its the fresh air…
In Tindari, where we are a foreign Lady told me ” what she liked here the most was … The people!” Me too …I said they are something Unique.

I love that we are treated like welcome guests and that we feel we belong here.


They are crazy drivers … But maybe I like that too, I can be a crazy driver too. I stop anywhere I like to take a picture!
I dont think they have to hold a Driving licence here… Sorry …

Here in Sicily they Park where they want and its common to park in a side line. They reminded me of when I First arrived in England, I parked anywhere I found to my convenience until MR. Gooda said ” no more”

Here is so funny…need help finding our way? The first person we ask doesn’t just tell us how to go, but physically takes us there, and does’t expect anything in return for their trouble.

And they still sit outside their houses to watch the world pass by all dressed up in style … Ready for a good gossip ( not joking)

Sicily is all about Food, Wine, Family, Friendship, Hospitality and a good Chat
All simple things but Simplicity some times it is THE BEST!
I just wish we had our children and close friends here
I would be just WONDERFUL to have all of them here to swim in this Turquoise Waters of these Mediterranean Sea.



Our Nina & her Edward, Daniel & his Denisa, Andrew , Thomas and their friends… And our friends and family and everybody else we miss here!
Oh well, as my friend Margo would say you can’t have everything…

Sicily with all it has to offer should keep us busy for a while.
How long ? I don't know but just take a look at the view We have everyday and CIAO …I need to go for a gelatto baccios tutti…



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