The Gooda Family loooove Pistacchio Nuts. So I dedicate this poste specially to them and for all Pistacchio’s lovers!
Please visit this link
If you want to know more about Bronte’s Pustacchio’s history.




A visit to the Etna Mount Hill Town of BRONTE was a MUST VISIT PLACE because It’s famous for the Plantations of Pistacchio’s with a special soil that makes them grow tastier than everywhere in this world, says the people of Sicily! I can recomend all the delicatessen and gelatti I tried so far.


We can see the Pistacchio Trees Driving through the Hills of Bronte and all the Little Piaggios carrying it to Sell on the markets and if you are lucky you may find it on its narrows roads in season I have been told


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2 Responses to LOVE PISTACCHIO? The GOODAS love it … Too!

  1. poetjude says:

    you are such an adventurer. you make me jealous all the time. I love that you know how to enjoy yourself so much.

    • Sicília Lover says:

      Jude minha amiga you would love this place … All the eating and those Hill Towns are something!!! And the people like brazilians soooo friendly baccios per ti amore…

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