Spirit … By Jude Janet

É necessário abrir os olhos e perceber que as coisas boas estão dentro de nós, onde os sentimentos não precisam de motivos nem os desejos de razão. O importante é aproveitar o momento e aprender sua duração, pois a vida está nos olhos de quem saber ver.
Gabriel García Marquez

This is for the soul… With or without sipping a cup of coffee

This poem Jude travels beyond …



Poet Jude's Poetry

They spend their days and bad nights

Reading from the book of life seeking

Something so drastic the walls of hell

Will fall away leaving love alone in the room

Breathe I chant from the other room

Making poems and writing lines

Breathe I yell into the sunset, breathe

For God’s sake, but not really for hers for yours

Is this swosh in and out over and over

Soundless unless it becomes labored then louder than thunder

Seeking escape, wanting it back, letting it go

Some nights I feel you entering the room sweetening

The air filling the dark lungs with your soft breath.

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1 Response to Spirit … By Jude Janet

  1. poetjude says:

    Thanks, Lukie. I loved the photos, your over the top comments and you.

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