Woke up with this view…. ACORDEI com esta vista!


This elderly couple has been travelling chasing the Sun from northern europe … It never stop to amaze me how someone over 80 yrs old change their lives tottaly and start to live an Adventure without even speak English never mind Italian.

They arrived from everywhere … This morning!
They look fit, they have bycicles, Scooters or they just walk….
They seemed to be all internet and tablet lovers.
Internet here in the Camping sites in Italy are FREE!


If you pay attention the elderly Lady is the One on the top of the motorhome getting the awning ( sorry if mispelled) ready while her Husband watches…
Thank God Mr. G is a “perfeccionista”and don’t trust me to do these horrible jobs! I can not do it! Just thinking about makes me stanko ( tired in Italian)

My grandmother Cezarina used to tell me … There is só much a woman can do!
Wise woman she was….
Alora, anyway, I admire these people very much, good for them!
Instead of staying back home watching TV complaining about the Council Tax, some of them Sell everything and brave the world with their pensions…
Now that’s is COURAGE or CRAZINESS?
It does not matter they are LIVING and MAKING the most of what they have!





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