Driving around the Active Vulcano Mount Etna this view got my attention…




By Wikipédia
“This Little Town In the 13th century had its own army, which fought in favor of the king against the rebels. In 1210 King Frederick II of Hohenstaufen and his young wife Constance of Aragon sheltered at Randazzo to escape the terrible plague which raged in Palermo.
Randazzo became one of the most densely populated towns in the island, after Palermo and Messina. ” by Wikipédia

I find this very interesting…
“The town was also divided into three main districts: the Greeks lived in St. Nicola’s quarter, the Latins in St. Mary’s and the Lombards in St. Martin’s.
During the Black Death of 1575-1580 the population of Randazzo declined. The economy slumped, and Randazzo almost turned into a ghost town.
During World War II, Randazzo was bombed by the Allies, destroying or damaging 76% of its buildings.”



Again Once I drove to its Historic Center mama mia la belezza … Lots of American tourists I met with Randazzo family names looking if they still have long lost ancestral conections.
I stoppped for a drink before I had to hit the Road again … Alone!



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