Meet my Danish friends … in Sicily

I have a Welcome sign in Portuguese language everyone think is cute as my brazilian socks… and my flip flops.


Inside the motorhome …happy people! Says the sign in Português

Since the First day we met here in Villaggio Marinello we clicked
We are always all Giggles and full of Beans
If you meet my friend Ragnhild Steppke you would not know she has had heart failure and has a pace maker! She is so much fun and full of energy. I love her glasses…

She is SHINY & HAPPY with sunny or rainy days!
Mr Steppkle knows that … she keeps him going he he

They came to have a Fairwell dinner last night with me…
We had few glasses of wine and grappa two? Or three!
They left this morning. Soon they will be in Áustria for a dog show … They train and take part of Events all over Europe with their 3 gorgeous dogs!

Giant Schnauzers


They only stayed a bit longer to keep me company while Mr G is in Africa. I meet real nice people in Italy. My life is hello and goodbyes. New people arrived from UK and from Finland no Germans he he he they too miserable and bossy.

And life in the Camping continues… Until we meet again!



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