Gioiosa de Mare and Capo Orlando Spiaggias (Beaches)

I did stop and wrote some of your comments…below, grazie mille!
IMG_7104“You are taking me to parts of the world that I have never seen and in glorious style. I like your descriptions of Sicily and like always …your photos are beautiful.””

DSC00009“Thank you for all your efforts to make us feel we are travelling with you!
I always feel with your travels that the pictures speak for themselves.
These reviews you do of places in Europe are always so well-written; you might as well win some money for your efforts.”

IMG_7194Obrigada! Grazie!Thank you for all the lovely comments that keep coming by email, text , FB and I would love it if you write it in the blog but I’m sure no matter where you write I can Read it! Martin and I are iPhone addicts, it helps… a lot.
Sicily’s culture and history words can not describe it…



A good local wine helps to inspire!

A good local wine helps to inspire!

What a beautiful place! Martin and I love historic building and visiting here is a dream come true for us. My cousins grandfather Domenico D’Andrea Was from Palermo and he told me One Day I should visit Sivily! His descriptions were fantastic and I also enjoyed the history of the area.

Everywhere we find the best Gellati, no matter how picola the commune is…people here do love their ice creams …we too.

We love it!




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