Pettineo, Sicily what a lovely close community!

After a walk along the River Tusa With my German friend Duglore Katz, I drove her to the mountains looking for the Open Air Art Exposition of Fiumata de Antonio Presti.
She glanced at Pettineo Hill town her eyes sparkled with joy! I said you haven’t seen nothing yet.
In the entrance of the town I saw the Carabiniere ( local Police) and asked what was the best road up to the top of Pettineo to have a close view to its Castle ( short cut) and the two nice Police men told us to follow them up. We
felt really important having them as part of our entourage. They stopped in the main church of Saint’Oliva and then to the Piazza di Duomo where we stopped for a walk in the Centro Storico. First person we met was Zorro

Then we had a group of people coming to say hello and offering to show us around. We decided to visit the Duomo ( the main church) while it was opened to pray as I always do and light a candle. Duglore joined me.

Our next stop to grab something to eat was


We met Ninni the Bar Man and all his clients that come from the neighbourhood. The choice of Sicilian Dolces were amazing but we did stick with a very refreshing Gellato.
On our way to the car we met some other people

And an invitation to visit the Labour Society of Pettineo where there was an Art Exposition organized by Fiumiata of Art






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1 Response to Pettineo, Sicily what a lovely close community!

  1. poetjude says:

    another adventure shared with these arm chair travelers. Thanks for the photos, the stories and the youness of these travels.

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