Palermo by photos…Fantastica and Hot Hot Hot

I first learned about Palermo when I was very young by Domenico D’Andrea. He was the father of Sabato D’Andrea, my Aunty Lelia’s husband. He immigrated to Brazil from Palermo when he was young and like many Italians he made a good & prosperous life in Natal, Brazil. He never returned to Palermo but what he did, he made me curious to visit Bella Palermo and here I am with Martin.
It is 40 degrees in Palermo today! It feels like the “chiroco” ( A hot wind that comes from Africa) is here in Sicily… Everyone is having Gellato or Granita.
Although there is so much to write about Palermo and its controversy of Mafia & Great People, I am just going to show you by photos.
Starting by one of my favourites.
Palazzo Ajutamicristo



The Culture is so rich… Its Arquitetura di rara belezza.

Teatro Maximo? Just Spetacular A casa da Opera Italiana!




Above the sea, Monte Pelegrino where The Santa Roselia Sanctuary is visited by all the catholic believers that believes in her miracles.






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1 Response to Palermo by photos…Fantastica and Hot Hot Hot

  1. poetjude says:

    Such a gorgeous blog! I’m so glad you are with Martin and that you give me a vicarious trip around Italy. You are living the dream. Much love, Jude

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