Some Things Unburied by the Isla Vista Massacre

Poet Jude's Poetry

I spent several years
Working in the battered women’s movement
From which I was rejected by some of the women
I worked with because I was hired to deal with the men
Who abuse. I think blame is the issue. If I speak of
Our culture as violent to women, someone will want to rape me.

If I say lets deal with the sickness culturally and individually the
Disease that causes fear and rape and murder say nothing
Of the endless lives of desperation that some women lead
Or the fear that I carry of walking alone even in “good”
Neighborhoods especially after dark,
In terms of healing not of blame then I will not
Longer be a sister, not belong to the women
I am so old that I have been through the woman’s
Movement of the sixties and seventies,
I have counseled endless women on how
To survive…

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