Bellissimo Sicilian Wedding in The Hill Town of Polina… next to Cefalu

Stefania & Sergio… A Sicilian Wedding, belíssima  Sicilian experience in Villagio & Camping Rais Gerbi… Run by The Cherrito Family!

Love is in The Air ...The beautiful Sicilian wedding of Sergio & Stefania … We had The pleasure and The honour to be part of it and celebrate this moment so special in their Life and of those who had The privilege to be invited … What a marvelous Sicilian Experience!

Finalle di Polina going to Village Rais Gerbi The best Camping of Sicily
Sergio is from Polina Hill Town and Stefania from Finale de Polina The Sea Coast Town. Their love story had a happy end with lots of friends. They were such a lovely crowd …we followed them around …Mr MG took over 600 fotos so here are Just few… A taste of Italian as its best … Families!!!Chiesas belas di Polina


Interior of the church of San Salvatore, Petralia Soprana, Sicily

Stefania has such good taste! From The Chiesa to all The details Of the wedding… Everything to perfection making this a day to celebrate!

Martin took loads of photos and filmed but I can only show you these pictures for now

I was all smiles with Ana, Ceccina & Claudia my Italian Girls so gorgeous!



This family picture says talks a thousand words…Viva la Famiglia!

Its all about FOOD, VINO and more FOOD! Mangiamo bene in Sicília.
In Camping Rais Gerbi ….Perfectly located on the sicilian tyrrhenian coast, only a couple of kilometres away from the fabulous small city of Cefalù, the Camping / Village Rais Gerbi appears to you. It satisfy all exigencies, but always with the scope of complete immersion with the nature.
The camping is naturally furnished with spaces for tents, caravans and camping cars: at least 216 places, 96 having water and 120 water and electricity.
These places are small and comfortable oases, the ground being a mixture of earth and cement, always fresh due to an opulent vegetation and artificial shelters. The swimming Pool? Just relax and come to have The most amazing time in Camping Rais Gerbi.

The perfect Sicilian Wedding Hill Town & Seaside at Villagio Rais Gerbi
At Finnale the Pollina, Cefalu


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  1. poetjude says:

    You have such wonderful adventures with people, especially Italians. You two look so happy and like you are having the best time. I’m wishing you all that wonder and joy. Bjs. Jude

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