FAMÍLIA ITALIANA … How much I admire & love …

Italy for me has been the number 1in this trip with the most strong family values that could be a lesson for The World. The Italian families have their conflicts like all families but what amaze me is how they manage themselves to raise above all The Familly’s differences and come out stronger and much better… And celebrate life and togetherness as much as they can.
One of the joys in the life of Camping sites is that Martin & I have met many families in their hollidays enjoying been together just for the sake of the pleasure of enjoying one another company & mangiare … Eat eat & eat!
They are so organized when comes to food I am yet to see anything like it!
In a small motorhome some of these families squash together to sleep and next day they look amazing and great, all sitting around the table eating, drinking and being merry and … It’s not Christmas!!! That is what they do all year round… Oh we love these Italians and their families

And don’t they look so glamourously close and lovely?

This is the Mulone Family, Salvatore & Ninni have a gorgeous family which I had the pleasure to meet nearly all of them and falled in love with their belissimas daughters Roberta & Federica ( she speaks excellent English and acted as the interpreter among us) . All together they were so nice together and still adopted me with open arms like so many other families I met here in Sicily especially I must say!
Will post it here later! Viva la Familia! Viva la Mamma e la Nonna the matriarchs of all Italians MAMMA MIA!


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1 Response to FAMÍLIA ITALIANA … How much I admire & love …

  1. Danielle Cornot says:

    Many thanks, Lukie, for sharing your wonderful pictures and thoughts with us.
    Like you, I love Italy and Italians!!

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